Spring has Sprung!

With the weather warming up, we have been enjoying and exploring all things spring! We have refreshed our veggie garden and planted lots of new spring vegetables, our children love to fill up some watering cans and water all of our plants and trees each morning. The Joeys and Possums have set up a gardening area in their room, while the Koalas have been really engaged with the mud kitchen, each day we add something different to keep it exciting, it wouldn’t be spring without a few mud pies and flower soups!

When children are exposed to nature, children begin to wonder and automatically become hands-on because natural materials provide endless possibilities for play and imagination, which leads to thought, action and developing of their own ideas. When children are encouraged to care for nature such as watering plants, this supports a sense of respecting nature and developing empathy and creates opportunities for children to cooperate. Nature can also provide a sense of calmness which is what we all need right now with the worlds current situation.. so give it a go! head outside and start exploring.

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